Global Customer Experience Strategy

The brief

Create a consistent digital ecosystem for the Beko brand with a consolidated data, mobile, content and experience strategy which will support consumers throughout their whole home appliances journey, creating higher value and improved customer retention.

As part of Beko’s business transformation programme, we were asked to create a holistic redesign of Beko’s digital universe in a much more consumer-centric way; creating relevant and useful experiences that span the entire customer journey from awareness and consideration through to purchase and aftersales.

The strategy will inform a programme of work lasting 2-3 years and will include a complete overhaul of Beko’s digital communication and services.


Establishing and directing global experience strategy, conceiving journey frameworks and art direction of final map outputs.

  • Pitch chemistry workshops
  • Market & user research
  • Persona development
  • Market workshops
  • Brand touchpoint inventories
  • Multichannel journey mapping
  • Experience framework creation
  • Information design
  • Art direction for final map outputs


In keeping with Beko’s positioning as the “official partner of the everyday”, they are driven to provide solutions that integrate seamlessly into consumers’ lives.

In recognition of the ever-changing audience habits and technology, they wanted to get to know their Millennial audiences better in order to building propositions that are relevant to todays lifestyles and attitudes to shopping.

We started by creating created a series of personas based around key life events (moving out of home, first baby etc.). These were produced following phases of desk research (GWI, Euromonitor) and social listening. Detail and local specifics were added thanks to the inputs from the wider McCann network (11 offices, plus McCann Truth Central research) and Beko local markets.

Using these personas and research insights, we constructed three distinct journey maps, covering Major Domestic Appliances (fridges, ovens etc.), Small Domestic Applicanes (juicers, kettles etc.) and Breakdown. Each map had it’s own distinct set of audience emotions, perceptions and barriers, and therefore opportunities.

We then held a series of workshops with Beko head office and nine local market groups to run through and validate these journeys, plus discuss and prioritise opportunity ideas.

Following the workshops, the opportunities were analysed, categorised, and developed to produce Beko Signature Experiences, all of which were built around four experience principles of ‘Simple’, ‘Useful’, ‘Smart’, and ‘Surprising’.

The final maps acted as a unifying reference point, helping to inform and co-ordinate development roadmaps, and providing guidelines that enabled high-quality and consistent multichannel experiences to be developed across markets.


opportunities identified


data sources


network agencies


local markets