What I do

I thrive on creating experiences that are simple, effective, and aligned with company values. After all, when customers succeed, so do businesses.

Who I've worked with

I've been fortunate enough to work with some fantastic brands and across a wide range of industries

How I do it

User-centric and tailor-made. Every time.

Customised approach

Projects are rarely one-size-fits all. Businesses are unique with their own customer groups with specific needs – and so it’s important to take a tailored approach to every project, considering the right combination and depth of research and design activities to suit desired outcomes & objectives, timelines and budgets.


Often it’s difficult for companies to see outside the walls of their organisation. It’s crucial act as the voice of the customer.

An evidence-based approach takes the guesswork and subjectivity out of design.
Want to know what customers need? Ask them.
Unsure of how well a design works for customers? Test it.

With these inputs, critical design decisions can be made confidently, ensuring that solutions are effective and focused in the right areas.

Holistic approach

Experience Design doesn’t start or end with a single touchpoint that exists in isolation – it’s important to consider and remember place, function and relationship to other touchpoints in the brand ecosystem.

Only when armed with an understanding of the end-to-end journey, is it possible to craft meaningful and complimentary interactions for customers throughout their experience.


Innovative, future-ready, customer experiences aren’t created in isolation. It takes a mixed group of creative and strategic minds, including actual users, stakeholders, and innovative designers all working together as cross-functional team to create better brand experiences.

We work as an integral part of your agency or in-house team.

Validate & measure

The most successful user experiences result from iterative testing throughout the product lifecycle. We embrace the user-centered design approach to developing new products in order to minimise risk and maximise return on investment.

User testing and careful measurement allow us to ensure that any critical interactions are frictionless and make informed decisions based on user feedback and evidence of detailed flows and navigation habits.

Extensive UX & Design expertise

I have a wealth of expertise in all areas of UX strategy, research and design

Audience research &
persona development

UX audits &
competitor reviews

Journey mapping &
experience strategy

Information architecture,
wireframing & prototyping

User testing

Data visualisation &
infographic design