Audience insight &
persona development

People don’t behave how they say or think they do. We employ a wide range of research techniques to provide an objective view into your customers’ world: from what they really need to what makes them tick.

Research takes the guesswork and subjectivity out of creating a great user experience.

UX audits &
competitor reviews

Understand your positioning and performance in the marketplace through comparative studies with your competitors and UX and interaction design best practice guidelines.

Our expert reviews help to pinpoint areas of strength and make recommendations for areas requiring attention. We can also focus on specific areas or channels across the customer experience – from brand & product positioning through to purchase and ongoing CRM activities.

Journey mapping &
experience strategy

We help to conceive overarching customer experience visions and supporting principles, defining a blueprint to guide the development of seamless multichannel experiences, including roadmaps for supporting systems, platforms or operational change.

We define key measurement criteria to track and evaluate developments and fulfil specific business objectives and KPIs.

Information architecture

We help to evaluate how well your content is organised, structured, and labeled in order to design navigational systems and site structures that enable users to quickly and effortlessly find the information that they require.

We apply a research-driven approach to defining IA – using a combination of analytics data and user feedback so that recommendations are based on evidence.

Wireframing & prototyping

Our detailed wireframes and interactive prototypes form the cornerstones of the experience design process, with every state, behaviour and page detailed, ensuring that design and development processes run smoothly and efficiently.

We focus on designing the user experience, interaction design and content hierarchy, allowing interface designers to focus on what they do best – making it look amazing.

User testing

A focus on evidence, not opinions. We design and coordinate a variety of cost-effective testing programmes (in person or remote) with real users to evaluate and understand the effectiveness of design concepts, service propositions, websites, mobile apps, wireframes or prototypes.

We observe what users actually do, then analyse this evidence and make actionable recommendations for improvements.

Data visualisation &
infographic design

We combine skills in web development, data analysis, illustration, and graphic design to bring complex data & information to life.

We create impactful and engaging visualisations, easily digestible infographics – all tailored to the exact needs of your organisation. We are data storytellers.

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