Experience Design Director

Devising overall approach and undertaking experience research and strategy.


Experience Strategy

Deliver an understanding of the Virgin Masterbrand consumer journey, identifying customer expectations across categories and highlight the parts of the Virgin experience that are most critical to customers.

Based on these insights, devise a measurement framework designed to drive brand performance across the entire experience.

We conducted nine immersion workshops with individual Virgin companies across a selection of markets including telecoms, travel, media, finance and fitness/leisure. The companies selected were also a mixture of long-established brands and newly-launched.

Prior to the workshops, we devised an experience framework that covered all possible journey steps and channel touchpoints, allowing brand and category-specific customer journeys to be mapped and compared against others in a consistent way.

Each workshop resulted in a view on what areas of the experience were particularly important as well as performance against key competitors.

Following the workshops, we plotted and scored importance vs performance against a core customer journey, illustrating how Virgin companies currently deliver against the core brand experience values (including sensory experiences of sight, smell, taste, and touch).

This gave an insight into how and where the Virgin brand can ultimately succeed and overcome collective weaknesses through experiential objectives and building blocks:

  1. Develop and amplify what we’re known for and good at to make tangible proof.
  2. Find the uniquely Virgin moments and make them the example.
  3. Make the essentials into beautiful basics.
  4. Put a uniquely Virgin take and feel on anything important but generic.