Role & Responsibilities

Head of Experience Strategy & Design

Following involvement in the initial RFP and pitch delivery, I managed and supported the Experience Design team through several workstreams, beginning with planning and facilitation at Cigna’s Global CX Summit to develop an overarching strategic vision and direction.

This initial strategy work was followed by a series of initiatives focusing on platforms across Cigna’s digital ecosystem, assisting in the identification, prioritisation, and coordination of significant opportunities to improve the frontstage customer experience and streamline backstage tools and processes.


  • RFP response and pitch delivery
  • Heuristic review
  • Workshop planning & facilitation
  • Experience vision setting
  • Strategic roadmapping
  • User and stakeholder research
  • Data analysis
  • Journey mapping & service blueprinting
  • Map artworking
  • Executive presentations


Global CX Summit

We were invited to help facilitate Cigna’s Global CX Summit, intended to give C-Suite stakeholders the opportunity to discuss and develop a shared vision for CX-led transformation across the organisation.

We opened the Summit by delivering a keynote presentation on ‘The Age of CX’ – introducing and illustrating the importance and value of a CX-led approach for today’s brands.

We then ran exercises with physical and virtual groups to devise an overarching ‘north star’ experience vision that would guide all areas of the business towards a common end goal.

We also presented findings from our review of one of Cigna’s key platforms,  based on UX and UI best practices, and highlighting issues and opportunities for improvements.

This led into further exercises to collaboratively explore customer and business-focused opportunites, all which were then categorised, mapped and prioritised using key criteria such as ‘cost to serve’, ‘affordability’, and ‘self-service’ and would be further explored and defined by business units.


Audience Research & Service Design

Following the global vision strategy work, we worked with business stakeholders and customers to research the products and platforms within Cigna’s ecosystem and product service blueprints that documented the customer frontstage experience as well as the supporting backstage platforms,  processes, and organisational structure.

We devised a repeatable approach for each platform project, to allow like-for-like comparisons across platform journeys and opportunities.

  • Undertake customer research and data analysis to map customer needs, journeys & pain points
  • Undertake stakeholder research to understand internal tools, practices & pain points
  • Map the end-to-end customer journey, illustrating the connections and dependencies between frontstage and backstage views
  • Identify the key moments in the experience that are important to customers
  • Identify and prioritise opportunities for improvements, both incremental and longer term, aligned to the overarching strategic experience vision & development roadmap
  • Connect, standardise and streamline CX approaches across markets and platforms

A key element of each project were workshops with senior stakeholders, designed and facilitated to highight the current experience and collaboratively define and prioritise opportunities.

Outcomes of each workshop and the project as a whole were summarised in an exec presentation, which were shared with a wider leadership group within the business, helping to allocate budgets and form development plans.