Role & Responsibilities

Experience Design Director

Following involvement in the successful pitch, I helped define and bring to life E.ON’s strategic vision and roadmap. I then led the creative team along an 18 month programme of work to deliver a redesigned app and design system, along with enhancements to the web experience to ensure a seamless cross-channel digital experience.


  • Experience Strategy
  • Roadmap development
  • Concepting
  • Journey mapping
  • Wireframing
  • UI & Interaction Design
  • Data visualisation
  • Design toolkit development
  • User testing


Experience Strategy

Following an intial brace of reviews and analysis of E.ON’s current app, audiences, competitors and analytics, a digital strategy was conceived which described the key audiences, experience principles, features and measures designed to position the app as the customer destination of choice.

A conceptual prototype brought key journeys, ideas and features to life, helping to communicate the strategic vision and encouraging buy-in amongst business stakeholders.

From this approach, a prioritised roadmap was produced which highlighted the journeys and features to be covered over the following months.


UX & UI Design

The design work began with an expert review of the existing app, evaluating various aspects of design and usability. Observations from this, coupled with a competitor review and app analytics insights served to highlight feature gaps and areas of enhancement & optimisation.

The existing app was looking dated with an inconsistent look and feel, so, building on the strategy concepts we developed a fresh and engaging design.

The design process, informed by an in-depth knowledge of core needs, digital usage habits and pain points enabled rapid exploration of concepts and experiences, with a comprehensive programme of testing providing valuable, first-hand feedback from real customers.


User Testing

A wide range of testing activites were fundamental to developing the redesign. A consistent approach to test design and screening ensured that results from various tests were meaningful and directly comparable.

Card sorting and tree testing helped inform the overall structure, menu system and content, while online test sessions provided direct customer feedback and helped to refine the usability and design of specific features and flows.


Design Toolkit

A key output was the production of an app-specific design system, produced in close consultation with E.ON’s global brand team.

This served as an app-specific extension to the core brand guidelines, and included extensive guidance around navigation, components & specifications, illustration, iconography, data visualisation, tone of voice, through to finer details governing the usage of animation and micro interactions.


With the launch of the new app, streamlined tools and content provide a convenient way to manage accounts and access support without having to join a call centre queue, resulting in time and cost benefits for E.ON and their customers.


total app users


increase in user interaction


increase in customer NPS


increase in iOS App Store ratings