Head of User Experience

Establishing and maintaining the strategic direction of the project and overseeing all UX, IA, user testing and Interaction Design activities.


Experience Design

Tommee Tippee managed a portfolio of 20 websites to support the brand and consumers’ needs in multiple markets.

The sites provided product information, customer support, and retailer information which needed to be aligned to a new brand positioning and recently-launched ‘Parent On’ campaign.

  • Create an impactful and immersive experience that serves the needs of real mums, reflecting Tommee Tippee’s new brand positioning and philosophy.
  • Raise brand awareness by telling the Tommee Tippee story.
  • Actively target Mum to make Tommee Tippee her ‘first baby brand love’.
  • Educate mums to drive trial and first purchase of products.
  • Deliver best-in-class aftercare services that drive loyalty and advocacy.
  • Reflect and integrate with Parent On campaign and messaging.
  • Provide the tools and features to enable further markets to be rolled onto the platform by the Tommee Tippee web team.

Every part of the experience was designed with new parents in mind.

Blurry eyes after only a couple of hours sleep. One arm permanently out of action, filled with that little bundle. And even the loneliness parents can feel throughout the day, and of course the night.

In aligning with the new brand philosophy and ‘Parent On’ campaign,  we wanted to create a site that instantly felt different;  somewhere new parents felt totally comfortable and supported, without the patronising advice or product hard-sell that so many competitor brands seem to push.

Firstly, we conducted seven workshops designed to highlight objectives, KPIs, and areas of improvement within various areas of the business, as well as helping to inform brand & experience strategy.

Armed with this information we ran a UX audit on the existing site, a cross-market competitor review, and undertook a series of research sessions with existing and prospective customers.

Through in-depth interviews, user testing on the existing websites, and card sorting we gained a throrough understanding of:

  • Precise expectations, perceptions and goals when researching and purchasing baby brands and products.
  • How well the existing websites supported user needs.
  • Mental models to help inform a clear and intuitive product categorisation and navigation structure.

Following the user research, a detailed Information Architecture phase started; mapping out the overall site structure, taxonomy, navigation systems, page templates and content hierarchy for a master site. This solution could be taken and adapted by local markets according to their specific needs.

We then started on the design process, generating ideas and sketching out how key page templates should be laid out and optimised; taking a mobile-first approach as the web analytics reported that over 60% of site visits were via mobile devices.

UX, Interaction Design and Copy teams worked worked closely with the Tommee Tippee creative team to create a variety of innovative responsive designs.

Prototyping and further user testing helped to validate and refine iterations of the designs before the site development got under way.

The new brand site debuted in the US, and a further round of user testing was carried out to help inform ongoing design and development work, as well as new market launches.



uplift in traffic in the first 6 months


featured content engagements


increase in site dwell time


increase in content sharing

Best Writing – Gold

Healthcare – Silver

Best Design/Art Direction – Bronze