Role & Responsibilities

Experience Design Director

I led a team of strategists and creatives to concept, shape and deliver a tool designed to…


  • Concepting
  • Journey mapping
  • Wireframing
  • Content mapping & decision tree logic
  • UI & Interaction Design
  • User testing
  • Copywriting


Experience Strategy

For pain sufferers, finding information relevant to their unique pain needs is difficult and often elongates the time between the first pangs of pain and the moment they find relief.

As part of Voltaren’s strategic shift from a medicated-only to a holistic pain management approach, we designed an interactive website experience that serves personalised content based on pain type and physiology, helping sufferers to quickly find relevant and effective pain management routines and products.


Content mapping and decision logic

Working closely with an Olympic team physiotherapist, a workout programme of 72 exercises was devised, with collections of exercises designed to address nine specific areas of pain, such as neck, lower back, hip, and knee.

A series of questions was written, allowing users to detail their circumstances such as age, length of pain, and activity & mobility levels. Individual as well as combinations of answers governed the range of exercises displayed at the end of the journey.

This logic was communicated via a decision tree, diagram illustrating the exact outputs for every possible route through the tool, delivering, exercise videos, articles and products to suit individuals’ circumstances.

This provided the development team with a detailed reference from which to programme the behind-the-scenes algorythm.


User Testing

As ever, testing the proposition and experience with users was crucial. A functional prototype was produced, allowing users to navigate the tool however they wanted.

We produced hypotheses and highlighted the areas where we wanted to focus on – perceptions of the tool, reactions to the name and branding, data capture/value exchange, general usability, and value of the results.

We worked closely with GSK’s research partner, who were responsible for participant recruitment and conducting the interviews and surveys.

The findings informed further rounds of design and copy updates, prior to the pilot launch. Other pieces of feedback helped to devise a longer-term roadmap for the development of the tool.


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