Role & Responsibilities

Head of Experience Strategy & Design

I led an Experience Design team comprised of Strategists & CX consultants….


  • Trends analysis
  • Stakeholder research
  • Journey mapping
  • Workshop planning & facilitation
  • Vision setting
  • Opportunities



NEOM wants to bring Gulf of Aqaba alive through key principles: Sustainability, Livability, Community, Nature and Technology.  Reaching beyond the highest expectations of NEOM’s key audience by developing compelling luxury residential and hospitality, showcase the natural geography, ensure optimal infrastructure, comprehensive suite of lifestyle offerings, program events throughout the seasons, early attraction of the right people. 

A detailed development program has been tailored for Gulf of Aqaba, encompassing 9 anchor assets,

+2,188 residential units; +1,185 hospitality keys; +230 Retail, Dining, Sports and other attractions

NEOM is embarking on a Digital Transformation program with an objective to transform into an organization with:

  • Digital & Innovation Vision
  • Data & Technology
  • Value Case & Prioritised Roadmap

In order to address the requirements, we will develop an enriched digital strategy. 

Our approach will be phased in terms of what can be achieved in 2022 and then what can be achieved in 2023. 

This proposal focuses on our human centred design approach for 5 weeks of work in 2022.


Strategy workshop

  • While there are digital and technology strategies for other sectors, a unique strategy needs to be crafted for Gulf of Aqaba.
  • An innovation workshop was held on 15-16 February 2023 with 19 attendees to support the creation of this strategy.
  • Attendees spanned a wide range of expertise areas, including: GoA leadership, infrastructure and development, marketing, residential and visitor insights, TONOMOUS digital and experience strategy, and NEOM tourism and hotels.
  • We aligned on a vision for GoA digital and technology, aligned on the customer journey maps and identified potential frontstage/backstage opportunities that could support that vision by ideating against innovation statements and the customer journey maps.
  • The outputs will provide a ‘backbone’ to further validate with customers and develop the strategic narrative for GoA digital and tech.
  • In the following sections we capture the key outputs from the two days.
    The iterated journey maps are provided as separate PDFs.

In Phase 1 of this strategy, our goal is to set the vision for technology and digital and identify initial opportunities across GoA’s sectors via an innovation workshop.

In Phase 2 we will further refine these opportunities and build out prioritised work packages (foundational, transformative, disruptive), providing clear direction for subsequent ‘Definition’ and ‘Design & Delivery’ phases of work.

Extensive flows were produced for each app feature and section, and set out the optimal user experience whilst accommodating specific business & regulatory requirements.